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Here’s what I like

photo of the day: Brown Eyes c.Hilary Davis

As the title suggests… here’s what I like. Because this is my journal and I can do that:
.Making amusing faces at myself in the mirror (yes I AM about to turn 21, thank you)
.Breakfast foods, especially hashbrowns and waffles
.Feeling very academically supported, all in one hour (thank you Greek Life)
.Getting birthday packages in the mail
.Not so much studying for my midterm that takes place in T-minus an hour and a half
.Conjunctions (what’s YOUR function?)
.Chocolate pudding. It’s delish.


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Clearly, this is a rave

We went to some party last night (a huge step for Dana and I, who stay in on Friday nights like it’s our job.) The concept was cool – it was a black light party, so everyone had glow sticks and paint on (although beerpong was proving to be more difficult than usual for some people.) KD’s make a party wherever we go, and so we were having a great time flinging the glow sticks around, pretending to be drunk, and asking people if they wanted to come to our rave.
HOWEVER, the night came to an abrupt halt when four guys from my Preview groups over the summer knew who I was by name (it still freaks me out when they do that) and then started flirting with me!
Dana and I had a lovely evening watching movies and painting our nails.

photo of the day: “This is so ravin’…” c. Hilary Davis

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Oh the romance…

I love the airport. I don’t know if most people know that about me, but I think it’s the most romantic place in the world. I have a secret fantasy of being chased through the airport by someone who loves me, just so they can tell me one more time. Dana and I went to the airport today to pick up our KD National Officer, Mary-Helen (not a likely candidate for the chasing…) I was so bummed that we didn’t get to go inside! Travel is so glamorous. I just love seeing the people, thinking about what’s inside their suitcases, wondering where they’re of the day: DIA c.Hilary Davis


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We’re so busy and productive here

Here was my day at the office today:

Cori: “There were two peanuts walking down a scary street at night. One was assaulted…”
Me: “A salted? Assaulted? I get it! But wait, what if he had been honey roasted? This would not have been nearly as funny…”
Cori: “Don’t take this away from me, it’s all I have! Have I told you the one about the pants?”
Me: “Why is Lindsay wearing antennae?”

I fully realize that this is only funny to me, Cori, and possibly Linds. Such is life at OCSS. I’d probably get more done if we didn’t have two fire drills IN ONE DAY! I can’t work like this.

photo of the day: “I’m nonchalantly going to wear these antennae to see if anyone notices…” c. Hilary Davis

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Tricky Business

There are some things that are frowned upon, and there are some things that you just shouldn’t do. Case in point: standing in the middle of the street to take a picture. In my defense, I’ve always wanted to try it, and there’s no time like the present!

photo of the day: it was tricky business, this one c. Hilary Davis


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Here’s what I think

Things to be avoided:
1. Chinese food not made by Chinese people
2. Four hour city council meetings
3. Getting only three hours of sleep
4. Turning down homemade cinnamon rolls (what was I thinking?)
5. Crazy people on the Plaza

Highly recommended:
1. Kellog’s Smart Start as a dinner supplement
2. Five hour chats with people you love
3. Early morning Bible study
4. Learning interesting new facts about false posessives (I’m a self-admitted grammar nerd)
5. Detouring through the leaves en route to class

photo of the day: Happy Feet! c. Hilary Davis


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Free Speech… not very freeing

There was yet another religious zealot on the Plaza today, condemning everyone to Hell. And I mean everyone. According to him, I am a whore (because I am in a sorority) and a loose woman (because I am a female at CSU – we’re all loose, didn’t you know?)
I welcome the man’s ideas, because free speech is protected on the Plaza, which I am grateful for. You have to take the good with the bad, of course, but as a writer and aspiring journalist, free speech is the most precious of assurances given to us by our founding fathers.
While I don’t take issue with his right to be on the Plaza, I do take offense as a Christian. This man is enraging so many people, and giving all Christians a bad name, and a horrible image to try to live down in our daily lives. Screaming hellfire and brimstone didn’t work for Jonathan Edwards, and I don’t think it’s going to work for this man either. Why would anyone preach so much hatred when the pervading message of Christ is simply to love?

photo of the day: Free Speech Zone c. Hilary Davis


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