Free Speech… not very freeing

There was yet another religious zealot on the Plaza today, condemning everyone to Hell. And I mean everyone. According to him, I am a whore (because I am in a sorority) and a loose woman (because I am a female at CSU – we’re all loose, didn’t you know?)
I welcome the man’s ideas, because free speech is protected on the Plaza, which I am grateful for. You have to take the good with the bad, of course, but as a writer and aspiring journalist, free speech is the most precious of assurances given to us by our founding fathers.
While I don’t take issue with his right to be on the Plaza, I do take offense as a Christian. This man is enraging so many people, and giving all Christians a bad name, and a horrible image to try to live down in our daily lives. Screaming hellfire and brimstone didn’t work for Jonathan Edwards, and I don’t think it’s going to work for this man either. Why would anyone preach so much hatred when the pervading message of Christ is simply to love?

photo of the day: Free Speech Zone c. Hilary Davis



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2 responses to “Free Speech… not very freeing

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  2. Behind The Silence

    I agree completely. I am also a Christain, but not the kind to run around pushing my beliefs on others, trying to “save” people, or that they are the wrong type of christain-I believe as a Christain it is not my job to judge others…

    And by the way…I was in a sorority (errr, sort of, a co-ed frat) I’m 21, and have yet to have sex.

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