We’re so busy and productive here

Here was my day at the office today:

Cori: “There were two peanuts walking down a scary street at night. One was assaulted…”
Me: “A salted? Assaulted? I get it! But wait, what if he had been honey roasted? This would not have been nearly as funny…”
Cori: “Don’t take this away from me, it’s all I have! Have I told you the one about the pants?”
Me: “Why is Lindsay wearing antennae?”

I fully realize that this is only funny to me, Cori, and possibly Linds. Such is life at OCSS. I’d probably get more done if we didn’t have two fire drills IN ONE DAY! I can’t work like this.

photo of the day: “I’m nonchalantly going to wear these antennae to see if anyone notices…” c. Hilary Davis


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