Oh the romance…

I love the airport. I don’t know if most people know that about me, but I think it’s the most romantic place in the world. I have a secret fantasy of being chased through the airport by someone who loves me, just so they can tell me one more time. Dana and I went to the airport today to pick up our KD National Officer, Mary-Helen (not a likely candidate for the chasing…) I was so bummed that we didn’t get to go inside! Travel is so glamorous. I just love seeing the people, thinking about what’s inside their suitcases, wondering where they’re headed.photo of the day: DIA c.Hilary Davis



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2 responses to “Oh the romance…

  1. SicilianGoddess

    Oh Chach,
    Traveling is so glamourous, even if you have to spend the day in the Anchorage airport….

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