Clearly, this is a rave

We went to some party last night (a huge step for Dana and I, who stay in on Friday nights like it’s our job.) The concept was cool – it was a black light party, so everyone had glow sticks and paint on (although beerpong was proving to be more difficult than usual for some people.) KD’s make a party wherever we go, and so we were having a great time flinging the glow sticks around, pretending to be drunk, and asking people if they wanted to come to our rave.
HOWEVER, the night came to an abrupt halt when four guys from my Preview groups over the summer knew who I was by name (it still freaks me out when they do that) and then started flirting with me!
Dana and I had a lovely evening watching movies and painting our nails.

photo of the day: “This is so ravin’…” c. Hilary Davis

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