Here’s what I like

photo of the day: Brown Eyes c.Hilary Davis

As the title suggests… here’s what I like. Because this is my journal and I can do that:
.Making amusing faces at myself in the mirror (yes I AM about to turn 21, thank you)
.Breakfast foods, especially hashbrowns and waffles
.Feeling very academically supported, all in one hour (thank you Greek Life)
.Getting birthday packages in the mail
.Not so much studying for my midterm that takes place in T-minus an hour and a half
.Conjunctions (what’s YOUR function?)
.Chocolate pudding. It’s delish.


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One response to “Here’s what I like

  1. Kevin Carter

    Oh Hilary, you’re about five years behind the times. Just make sure not to talk about people who might read this in here. Helpful hint to avoid drama. Heheh.

    Seriously though, I’m extremely interested in reading your interior monologue.


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