My birthday, basically

“Hilary, you cannot hold your alcohol.”
“I don’t need to hold it, I can carry it in my purse.”


“I need a tiara from Wal-Mart RIGHT NOW!”
“I think they’re sold out of princess crowns, it’s Halloween.”
“Not a fake one, a real one! They’re back by the yarn…”


“What are you for Halloween?”


“This is Michael, he is always on his phone because he thinks he is the president of the FUCKING WORLD!!!”
“Please do censor yourself. Just because you’re the birthday princess, doesn’t mean you get to be rude.”
“If I was really a princess you would buy me a tiara.”

“Melinda, go to the temple!”

Many thanks to my friends for putting up with me, laughing with me, and for picking me up- both from the bars, and from off the floor, while I was a wailing, tiara-less Holly Golightly.

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