Spice Girls…the key to my soul?

CSU has a renowned music therapy program, and according to the department findings (for which they have won many awards, they’ll have you know) the music you listened to from age 12-19 is the music that will forever unlock certain parts of your subconcious. I know that this must be true on some fundamental level. But I think this is true of most external stimuli: the smell of Clearasil facewash reminds me of my first night away from home, the smell of rose petals reminds me of my mom, and every birthday I’ve ever celebrated with my large and crazy family at the Spaghetti Factory recalls all the birthdays before it (19 so far – because there was that one year my carnivorous uncle insisted we eat at a steak house.)
Or, I could just be in denial about the fact that Spice Girls, Ace of Base, and N*Sync will forever be the keys to unlocking the secrets of my soul.
Musical travesty if ever there was one.


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