If there was more than one, would it be nemisi?

I have a new arch nemisis. I will not mention her by name, nor will I give her any descriptors because, after all, you just never know. But I will talk about her in the most abstract of terms, simply because I want to, and I can.

Basically, if you were to compile all the qualities I hate in other people into one person, that person would probably look and behave just like this person – fancy that.

She’s waaaay too competitive, bossy, controlling, and just plain mean. Now I can handle most of that. I myself have days where I dabble in controlling, and don’t we all? But mean, I cannot deal with. I take care not to be intentionally mean to anyone (and yes I DO realize the irony of what I just said – is she really going to read this and figure out it’s her? Is she really going to read this at all? Highly unlikely, so get over it) especially since the basketball-to-face incident of ’93. Trust me, I know how mean girls can be, and I try not to be one of those. But this one, she does mean like a pro.

For example, today she snapped at her lab partner so much so that the lab partner was taken aback. ABACK! Physically, she took herself a back a few feet so that Her Meanness wouldn’t spit venom upon her. It was a sorry sight. And right after the snapping, she commenced with biting the heads off kittens.

And the worst part about it is that we share the same major. Of course we do. So the kittens will not be safe until May of 2007, when hopefully she will move on to a small newsmarket and settle for rats instead.


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