Ach nein!

Life is so humorous. Like today, for example: in my state and local politics class, the girl who was sitting in front of me is from Germany (I am a shameless eavesdropper – let it go.) We were talking about the man who was caught with marijuana and the D.A. threw out his case because of the Safe Pot initiative in Denver. All of this was fine, until the girl pronounced marijuana as “merry-a-huana.” Yes, you did read that correctly. And for the rest of the class, I was half-paying attention to my professor and half-figuring out how I was going to spell that later.


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  1. Footprint

    That’s OK. I was commuting to Jive City when we stopped at 125th Street. A man and his two sons get one, one of which was dressed head-to-toe in FUBU. Being Caucasian I assumed he missed the implications of wearing a product specifically manufactured and exclusively worn by African-Americans. The kid sits down next to me and I immediately ask him, “Where ya from??”
    Without a blink he says, “Germany”.

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