Gariel Scharoner?

More fun slips from the land of Political Science (ie, land of those who like to hear themselves talk incessantly – what fun!)

In my American Government and Politics class yesterday, we were discussing the newly elected female (whoo!) president of Liberia, the newly elected female (whoo again!) Chancellor of Germany, and how Ariel Sharon has blinked twice and nothing else in the past few days. Below is the actual conversation that ensued:

Kid: “Is Ariel Sharon still trying to share power with that lady who got elected?”

Professor: “I’m sorry?”

Kid: “Well, since that lady got elected to be the chancellor, Ariel Sharon is pretty mad, so he wanted to share the job with her.”

Professor: “Ariel Sharon is comatose, he hasn’t been real emotional lately. Do you mean the Chancellor of GERMANY, Gerhard Schroeder?”

Kid: “Um, yeah I guess I do…”

I thought the girl next to me was going to pee her pants. If I go to hell for making fun of these people, at least I won’t be alone.


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