Nobody really lives in a glass house, so quit throwing stuff!

Am I wearing a KICK ME sign today? Or even a NUDGE ME REALLY HARD sign? I checked, and the answer is no. I would really like to know what the problem is then, because I feel like I was just subjected to a public beating – and it’s only 11:00 a.m.! I always thought these things happened at night dammit, I don’t have my mace.

The girl I was sitting next to in class kicked me in the shins no less than three times and only apologized the first time – Newsflash: saying you’re sorry doesn’t make it hurt any less during the subsequent kickings. And on my way out of class, I was exiting a door and someone else felt the need to shoulder me so hard that I almost fell over. Newsflash #2 – I am not a linebacker. I am a girl who is 5’2″. If you push me, I will fall down. Do you want my blood on your hands? Or my ripped GAP jeans?

And why do people like to throw things in parking lots? Is it really necessary that they throw an empty soda bottle instead of just placing it in the trashcan like an environmentally-concious citizen? Is it really necessary that they throw that soda bottle near my head?

Also, I was almost hit by a bike. I am always having near-death experiences with bikes, it’s a way of life at CSU, but today it felt personal. On days like today, everything is personal. So don’t trip me on the stairs or I’ll mace you.

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One response to “Nobody really lives in a glass house, so quit throwing stuff!

  1. SicilianGoddess

    I think you need a break from that crazy place. Your life seems to be at stake. I think you should come to corn country. We don’t do anything out here, except for shop at Ann Taylor Loft and Target, and eat corn of course. All my love. Don’t be afraid to use the mace.

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