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The Queen of Crank(y)

We had a social function last night. The theme? Kings and Queens of Crunk. First of all, I don’t even know what “crunk” means. Second of all, whatever it means, I’m sure I’m not it. Third of all, I didn’t plan on actually going.

But I really needed the study break. What could be so bad about getting crunk?

Plenty. As soon as we walked in, we were accosted by drunk frat boys (oh goody) asking us where we’d been all evening. We told them we were fashionably late. And then, random frat guy #1 said “Or, you might just be wizards, because they can appear on the spot whenever they want… oh my gosh I really said that I’m such a nerd I watch Lord of the Rings…wow.” And it just got worse from there. From random frat guy #2 wearing an alarm clock on a bike chain around his neck, to random frat guy #3 who told me that I needed to learn how to dance (his suggestion was to wave my arms like I was trying to fly – that would definitely get all the hot guys!) to random frat guy #4, the biggest creeper of all, who asked me if I wanted to come back to his place. Unless you are one certain boy (who will remain unnamed) the answer will always and unequivocally be no. Please remember this for the nex time you will inevitably want to ask me to sleep with you. Yes, I’m a cold hard bitch. Deal.

By the end of the night, I realized that I’m not a LOTR fan, a great dancer, someone who you take home to the frat house, nor am I, I’ve decided, crunk. At all. After spending my entire week studying for two tests, having daily panic attacks about what I’m going to do with my life, and realizing that the person I’ve been in love with for almost a year has no clue how I feel, I am decidedly a little more crank than crunk. I am the Queen of Crank.


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All she wants to do is pants, pants, PANTS!

My entire weekend can be summed up with the asking of one of life’s greatest questions: should I or should I not wear real pants? To define this a little further: pants that are “real” are jeans, dress slacks, khakis or any others that you couldn’t possibly get cozy in. Anything that you could nap or even full-on sleep in, i.e. terrycloth, sweats, PJ pants, the pants you wore to the gym (you don’t judge me, I don’t judge you) or any of their other comfy pants compatriots are not real.

Let’s back up a little.

Friday night was freezing cold. I know I said earlier that I was liking the cold, but I lied. Also, I was in a better mood then than I am right now, and when I am in a good mood, I am inclined to like things more. (This should be noted in case you ever want me to tell you that I like your new dress/shoes/tattoo. Catch me on a good day.) Anyway, Friday was cold, I was feeling fussy and didn’t want to go out under any circumstances. But, since having a candle party for one in my room wasn’t the most appealing of options, I decided to call the best friend. Best friend is usually up for most anything, which is why I like her. However, she has never said “no” to a night in either, which is really why I like her. After a trip to get some beverages, we settled in for a romantic evening of “Grey’s Anatomy” and “Troy” just the two of us. We went to sleep at midnight, (again, quit judging!) woke up at noon the next day and went to IHOP in our non-real pants.
Pants pointage: real pants: 0, faux pants: 2 (sweats, and long underwear with race cars on them. Don’t ask.)

Saturday came and went with much napping and also much painting of the toenails. And perhaps a candle… After going to the gym, I took a nap, then took a shower, then put some more fake pants on, and then did homework. There was also a party in there somewhere, but I was for sure not wearing pants to that!
Pants pointage: real pants: 0, faux pants: 3 (gym pants, pajama pants, other pajama pants.)

Today, went to the gym, then shower, nap, repeat.
Pants pointage: real pants: 0, faux pants: 2 (other gym pants, more sweats.)

You might ask why anyone needs to wear seven pairs of pants over the course of three days. I might ask you why you even care?

Total pants pointage for the weekend: real pants: 0, faux pants: 7.

It’s a good life.

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The weather outside is frightful

Oh, who am I kidding, it’s not really that bad. I don’t usually like winter. In fact, I would go so far as to say I downright hate it, and could do without it snowing ever again. But, for some reason, I am enjoying this winter immensely. That’s not to say that I can’t wait for Spring Break and all the beach time that will come with it; but thus far, the snow has been beautiful and the real Colorado cold has been a welcome change from the will-it-won’t-it ambivalence that was December. When I’m walking across campus and everyone is bundled up, I don’t know who is what gender, I can’t recognize anyone – I kind of like it. It’s like we’re little Arctic explorers, taking the medicine home to save the family. We’re all in this together. Plus, if no one can recognize me, then I totally don’t have to do my hair.

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Implement THE HOOK

“Man, I wish I had a real hook…hands are just so overrated.”

We found a plastic pirate hook at my place of employment yesterday.

Work has become exponentially more fun since then.

I love my job.

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La Vie Boheme

Tonight, my twin and I went to the Alley Cat to study. I’ve been there a couple of times before, but never for an extended period of time. We got a table with great black and white photos under the glass, which enabled me to procrastinate for quite awhile. I just love going there to people watch, listen in on crazy conversations and look at the snow outside. The baristas were banging on the counters, a guitarist was strumming in the corner, girls with Louis Vuitton bags were minging with dreadlocked guys a table over.

Places like this make me feel so college. The free flow of ideas, the mixing of lifestyles (and hairstyles) remind me that I’m human – that we all are. And even if my inner Bohemian girl is supressed by my outward sorority girl, all it takes is some good tea and the perfect atmosphere to let her come out, at least long enough to (briefly) consider dreadlocks.

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Things that scare me:

.Okay, really anything that swims in the sea
.Chucky dolls
.Any other dolls that kind of look like Chucky
.Certain words and phrases (like heebie-jeebies…insert full body shiver HERE)
.Banana clips
.Mom hair

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Shoot with intent to woo

Well, it’s Valentine’s Day. I have a very full schedule: studying for an American Government exam tomorrow, journal entries for State and Local Politics, I have to complete all my reading, and let’s not forget the pining. My homoplatonic life partner and I will be watching “The Notebook” and then we will commence with pining away for the great loves of our lives, and then ask the eternal question “WHERE IS HE?”Really, it couldn’t be more fun.However, contrary to most years, I am not so upset about it, because we have goals, we have objectives – we have A Plan. A Plan To Woo. Basically, due to the mysterious forces of the universe and the convienient timing of the school schedule, the boys we intend to woo are positioned perfectly and are about to be wooed like they have never been wooed before. Not that they know it, of course, but with a finely tuned plan such as this, they will know it and soon. No, Internet, I’m not going to TELL you the plan. That would totally ruin the Alias-esque stealth of the Plan To Woo. And we are nothing, if not stealth.And if the goals are not met, we will turn instead, to world domination. Nothing is hotter than a woman in charge. Except maybe a woman in a bikini, in which case I should quit typing and go to the gym…

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