Purple is the new pink is the new black

I have discovered a disturbing trend. Okay, actually I guess it can’t be considered a trend yet. According to Esquire magazine, there have to be three of something in order for it to be considered a trend (as in BOTH Olsens AND Nicole Ritchie wearing whatever is ugly right now!) But I am officially going to be the first to jump on the “Trend of Two” bandwagon and say that I think I’m on to something here: Men in purple.

I know, sounds crazy, but I saw it twice within five minutes today. The first mauve-sporting male was seen outside the Natural Resources building. Granted, the NR kids are not generally known for their high-stylin’ ways (sorry Lindsay) but this man was wearing a large, hooded ski jacket, and it was definitely purple.

Second sighting happened just moments later, in my Media Effects class, when my professor waltzed in (and it was a waltz) wearing pants with a distinctly purple tint. While I can’t say they were quite Barney the Dinosaur in coloring, they leaned a little closer to mulberry than I’ve seen in awhile.

All in all, I would say that Queer Eye is doing a fine job metrosexualizing the nation. Either that or today’s man just really likes purple. Not that there’s anything wrong with that.

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