Shoot with intent to woo

Well, it’s Valentine’s Day. I have a very full schedule: studying for an American Government exam tomorrow, journal entries for State and Local Politics, I have to complete all my reading, and let’s not forget the pining. My homoplatonic life partner and I will be watching “The Notebook” and then we will commence with pining away for the great loves of our lives, and then ask the eternal question “WHERE IS HE?”Really, it couldn’t be more fun.However, contrary to most years, I am not so upset about it, because we have goals, we have objectives – we have A Plan. A Plan To Woo. Basically, due to the mysterious forces of the universe and the convienient timing of the school schedule, the boys we intend to woo are positioned perfectly and are about to be wooed like they have never been wooed before. Not that they know it, of course, but with a finely tuned plan such as this, they will know it and soon. No, Internet, I’m not going to TELL you the plan. That would totally ruin the Alias-esque stealth of the Plan To Woo. And we are nothing, if not stealth.And if the goals are not met, we will turn instead, to world domination. Nothing is hotter than a woman in charge. Except maybe a woman in a bikini, in which case I should quit typing and go to the gym…


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