La Vie Boheme

Tonight, my twin and I went to the Alley Cat to study. I’ve been there a couple of times before, but never for an extended period of time. We got a table with great black and white photos under the glass, which enabled me to procrastinate for quite awhile. I just love going there to people watch, listen in on crazy conversations and look at the snow outside. The baristas were banging on the counters, a guitarist was strumming in the corner, girls with Louis Vuitton bags were minging with dreadlocked guys a table over.

Places like this make me feel so college. The free flow of ideas, the mixing of lifestyles (and hairstyles) remind me that I’m human – that we all are. And even if my inner Bohemian girl is supressed by my outward sorority girl, all it takes is some good tea and the perfect atmosphere to let her come out, at least long enough to (briefly) consider dreadlocks.


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