All she wants to do is pants, pants, PANTS!

My entire weekend can be summed up with the asking of one of life’s greatest questions: should I or should I not wear real pants? To define this a little further: pants that are “real” are jeans, dress slacks, khakis or any others that you couldn’t possibly get cozy in. Anything that you could nap or even full-on sleep in, i.e. terrycloth, sweats, PJ pants, the pants you wore to the gym (you don’t judge me, I don’t judge you) or any of their other comfy pants compatriots are not real.

Let’s back up a little.

Friday night was freezing cold. I know I said earlier that I was liking the cold, but I lied. Also, I was in a better mood then than I am right now, and when I am in a good mood, I am inclined to like things more. (This should be noted in case you ever want me to tell you that I like your new dress/shoes/tattoo. Catch me on a good day.) Anyway, Friday was cold, I was feeling fussy and didn’t want to go out under any circumstances. But, since having a candle party for one in my room wasn’t the most appealing of options, I decided to call the best friend. Best friend is usually up for most anything, which is why I like her. However, she has never said “no” to a night in either, which is really why I like her. After a trip to get some beverages, we settled in for a romantic evening of “Grey’s Anatomy” and “Troy” just the two of us. We went to sleep at midnight, (again, quit judging!) woke up at noon the next day and went to IHOP in our non-real pants.
Pants pointage: real pants: 0, faux pants: 2 (sweats, and long underwear with race cars on them. Don’t ask.)

Saturday came and went with much napping and also much painting of the toenails. And perhaps a candle… After going to the gym, I took a nap, then took a shower, then put some more fake pants on, and then did homework. There was also a party in there somewhere, but I was for sure not wearing pants to that!
Pants pointage: real pants: 0, faux pants: 3 (gym pants, pajama pants, other pajama pants.)

Today, went to the gym, then shower, nap, repeat.
Pants pointage: real pants: 0, faux pants: 2 (other gym pants, more sweats.)

You might ask why anyone needs to wear seven pairs of pants over the course of three days. I might ask you why you even care?

Total pants pointage for the weekend: real pants: 0, faux pants: 7.

It’s a good life.


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One response to “All she wants to do is pants, pants, PANTS!

  1. SicilianGoddess

    You had the fella mentally calculating how many fake pants he had compared to real pants. Your impact is becoming far reaching.

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