1. Last night (oh, and right now. I can’t lie to the internet) I am eating a chocolate bunny in the most chocoholic way possible – that is, with complete greed and utter lack of modesty. If you’ve long been a reader of this blog, you will know that the dark devil and I go way back. I’ll admit, some days I still struggle, but the fact that I am clutching the tail of a hollow, milk chocolate Easter bunny and knawing on its ears disgusts even me. Unfortunately, not enough to keep me from continuing to eat it.

2. I also just drank a soda. You can actually see the imprints of both bunny and beverage on my ass when I stand. This will be my motivation for going to the gym…later…perhaps…if I’m not too tired.

3. I am currently reading “A Million Little Pieces” by James Frey. However, the knowledge that even part of his book is fabricated cuts to the core of my uppity, journalistic integrity – so much so that I have now disregarded the entire novel as fiction. This is sad, because his book will resonate with so many addicts and give them hope that they too can get better. Unfortunately, now James Frey is not addicted to crack, he is addicted to his own fame. If I am ever addicted to something (besides chocolate) I would rather the crack. At least I’ll still have my dignity.

4. I love fresh lilacs. Every year when they bloom, the smell of them reminds me of all the springs before it, and I can remember each individual spring since I was five because my mom and I pick lilacs every year. This year, she sent them to Ft. Collins so I could have them in my room. What’s to be guilty about? The fact that when this bouquet dies, I fully intend on shearing off some lilacs from outside the engineering building. I like to think of it as pruning. I’m helping the landscapers.

5. I borrowed season four of “Sex & The City” from Jess C. the other night because I was THAT desperate to finish my quest. The girls have missed me, and I them. And now, I have to go to bed, because I have an early deadline in the morning and I’m supposed to be meeting Charlotte and Miranda for coffee on the upper East side.


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