Gluttony in the worst way

I realized that this blog is sometimes all about what I eat, which I’m cool with, but I don’t know if people really want to read about that. But when you eat like I do, it’s hard not to want to talk about it because a) it just tasted so good, I want to share, or b) it tasted so good, and it probably shouldn’t – is that normal?

An example: yesterday, while at work, I was really busy testing the fax machine and talking to my coworker when we realized that there was ice-cream and toppings in the back freezer. And not just toppings, but toppings, the good stuff, like multi-colored sprinkles, maraschino cherries, caramel sauce and all.

However, I then had realization number two: I already made a date with LP to go to Cold Stone later that night. So clearly, I couldn’t eat a whole bowl of ice-cream at work, go shopping and then go to Cold Stone and eat more ice-cream with a clear conscious. I mean, shopping for hot shirts is a little bit of cardio, but not enough for even me to delude myself.

But wait, what’s that rule about ice-cream…? Ah yes, I remember now…. If you eat it out of the tub it doesn’t count…? Yep, that is definitely the rule. Thank goodness I remembered!

If you scoop up some ice-cream, dip the spoon into the jar of caramel sauce, and then roll it in sprinkles, well, it’s pretty much better than sex, amaretto sours and the shoe section at Barney’s combined.

Five spoonfulls of better than sexsourshoes later, I felt energized enough to go back to working. Or something.

And yes, I did go to Cold Stone.


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  1. b

    OMG – thank goodness there is someone as passionate as me when it comes to ice creams!

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