The sexy tollbooth

I’m ashamed of myself, really.I mean, it’s completely normal to go to class and think a guy is cute, or go to the grocery store and make eyes at someone over the oranges (maybe), or even check someone out while at the mall. After all, what is college but an experiment in creative flirtation? But it is not, and I repeat, NOT normal to have a crush on a guy you saw in a tollbooth. And not just AT the tollbooth, like, driving through or hanging around – like, works in the tollbooth, sexy orange vest and all.Am I getting that desperate? I mean, I’m happy being single for the most part, but now, I’ve stooped to crushing on people who work in tollbooths? Not that there’s anything wrong with working in a tollbooth. Especially not if yer gunna grab some Hot Pockets ter eat while you watch NASCAR when you git home.And the worst part of it is that I drive on that toll road when I come to and from Ft. Collins, which is a lot, and he only seems to be working on very select occasions. If you’re going to take an extra $2.00 every time I drive through, the financial impact should be lessened a little by at least giving me something good to look at.Perhaps I’m on to something here: ONLY hot men are allowed to work in tollbooths! That way, I’m happy to give up my hard earned money, and they get to sport about in those orange vests, in which they look so sexy.


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3 responses to “The sexy tollbooth

  1. With Love, Fat Girl

    I just stumbled on your blog, and it’s fabulous! Good writing is even better, so I’ll keep stopping by if that’s okay with you?

    Oh and, what you said about going to Italy… last year for one solid month, I dreamt in French. I know exactly what you mean!

  2. ian

    *waving* I have an orange vest too! And a hard hat! Oh, and WORK GLOVES!!

    Thanks for the nice ding on my blog, btw! I’ll keep stopping by here as well.


  3. Anonymous

    Hils. I just wanted to say that once again you are the greatest writer in the world! When you are famous and rich will you please remember me?

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