EMOtional baggage

After a night out with the girls, talk turned to relationships, as it inevitably does. After scoping out boys, whom I’m sure we scared off with our air of collegiate worldliness and unattainability, and eating ice-cream, we began talking about our relationships, past and present, and I had to wonder: what do we take from our relationships after we’re out of them? Tragically, they don’t come with a nice parting gift, a “thank you for dating” card or even the shirt that you bought him. No, all you get is to see a picture of him later, wearing the shirt, with his new girlfriend. Baggage claim is right around the corner folks, and I will definitely be getting in line.We all have baggage. The tough guys try to hide it, the young teenagers try to laugh it off, and the emo kids just put it all out there for everyone to see. Apparently it matches their eyeliner. But what about the people who don’t believe in emotional baggage? What if you’re in a happy, healthy relationship? When does relationship history, turn into emotional baggage?I know that I am carrying around some luggage, perhaps the size of a stylish Louie Vuitton carry-on? After a traumatic first kiss (6th grade, on a dare) to my actual, real, enjoyable first kiss (age 16, behind the scenes during musical rehearsal) to my longest relationship that ended with a bewildering finish (did he lie? did he love me to begin with?) I don’t think I’m exactly traveling light.But I also think that we can learn from the lessons we lug around with us. I know now never to kiss on a dare and that the costumes from “Damn Yankees” are quite the turn-on. And, more seriously, I know to be more careful with my heart, to only give it to someone who values me as a person who is real and fallible, and not just as an entity to posess and admire. And I also know that my emotional Louie Vuitton is not nearly as bad as it could be. After all, what’s my carry-on compared to the duffel bag and two rolling suitcases that are divorce, plus childen, or even infidelity? Is is just a fact that the older you get, the more your suitcases weigh?One of my friends said that relationships are history in the making, and they turn into baggage after the break ups. Others of us believe that we carry the baggage from those relationships with us forever. And some of us, the idealists, believe that a good relationship can unpack the baggage from the past and get us ready for a whole new trip to paradise, if only we have the right travel partner.I may be getting older, and my suitcases may be getting heavier, but there’s always the hope that one day, I will get off the plane, and there at the gate will be someone perfect for me, waiting to help me carry them.



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2 responses to “EMOtional baggage

  1. ian

    Here I am, 34, and I have enough baggage that I can get a bulk rate from freight carriers.


  2. Jess C.

    Hey Hils. Can I copy your blog and put it in a blog of my own? I will credit it to you! It is just perfection in my life right now. Oooh I have news in that field of my life though.. great news. Check out my facebook and see if you can see a difference!

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