An entry that is mostly all-caps because I’m THAT MAD!

It was an outrage.

There is no other word for it. The anger that I felt was so intense I almost threw something. I’ve never yelled at an employee before, but last night took the Oreo Blizzard ice-cream cake, if you will.

Post-Baccalaureate we went to Dairy Queen because, like a good sibling I sat through a ceremony where my brother got all the attention, thus I needed to be positively rewarded for good behavior. It was just like when I got a Cabbage Patch doll for being quiet during G’s baptism, or when I got a puppy for agreeing to have my wisdom teeth out. What can I say, my parents strike a mean bargain.

Anyway, my mom got a sundae and I ordered a vanilla cone dipped in rainbow sprinkles. Emphasis on the dipped in. So, the DQ people make my mom’s sundae, looks normal. They then hand me a plain Vanilla cone, and a CUP with one spoonful of sprinkles in it. If you know me at all, you would know that I am serious about my sprinkles. I have been known to just eat them straight out of the shaker, because I am THAT serious about sprinkles.

In defense of my right to sprinkles, something had to be said. Here is the conversation that transpired:

Me: “Um, actually I wanted the sprinkles ON the cone, thanks.”
DQ: “Well, we’re not supposed to do it that way because it wastes sprinkles.”
Me: “But I’m the customer, and I want them ON the cone.”
DQ: “We can’t.”
Me: “But I ordered a SPRINKLE cone. Not a PLAIN cone with sprinkles ON THE SIDE!”
Me: Insert nasty and penetrating glare here.
Other DQ person: “Oh I’ll DO it.”
Me: “Thanks, have a nice evening!”

Meanwhile, as this was taking place, my mom was standing to the side making nasty and penetrating glares at ME, cursing herself that she had raised a child so assertive that she would yell at Dairy Queen workers over something as small as sprinkles.

I guess my mom doesn’t know how serious I am about sprinkles. Also, I didn’t know how serious my mom was about the discipline – I don’t get to play with my Cabbage Patch doll for a whole week now.


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4 responses to “An entry that is mostly all-caps because I’m THAT MAD!

  1. ian

    LMAO – great story!


  2. SicilianGoddess

    What is with you and ice cream establishments on baccalaureate night? First getting kicked out of cold stone after our’s, and now this. I see a trend….

  3. michelle

    lol. i would’ve gotten my money back. what kind of ice cream place serves sprinkles on the side. that’s as absurd as dipping your pasta in sauce.

  4. b

    good – be assertive.

    customer (i.e. you) is ALWAYS right

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