In praise of my everything

“My women friends, they’re all my sisters, all my mothers, all my husbands, they are all my everything. It’s hard to find a man who can measure up to any of them.”
-Jennifer Aniston

If anyone found out how wise Jennifer Aniston truly was, she could have made a living giving friendly advice, instead just being a Friend. Luckily for me, she found a way to put into words what is very hard to say, especially when you’re in a committed relationship. With several other women.

While it’s true that I am single by traditional definition, I feel very much spoken for, and to deny the relationship that I am in would be worse than infidelity – it would be a lie. Because even though I do not have a male significant other, I have others who are significant, and we have a relationship that is more real, more sane, and way more healthy than any other traditional relationship I’ve ever been in.

I consider myself lucky enough to have friends who respect me. Despite the fact that I make jokes when uncomfortable, give generally bad advice, and am the worst bartender alive, they don’t try to make me anyone that I am not, because who I am is enough for them.

I am lucky enough to have friends who support me. Whether it’s reading this blog, letting me drag them to press conferences, or talking about THAT boy again, they are always there with a listening ear, a beautiful smile, and a shoulder shrug, because sometimes it’s all they can offer. And it’s enough.

I am lucky enough to have friends who never go away, even when I want them to. It’s easy to want to retreat into a corner and try to deal with it myself – I am the queen of alone time. And it’s not so easy when they haul me out of the corner, ask the tough questions, and get angry, especially not when I deserve it. But my friends are strong women, not easily intimidated and not scared of what’s hard or uncomfortable, even if I am.

My friends are my everything, the family I chose. We’ve been through breakdowns, break-ups, boys and Breckenridge, cancer and car trouble, fights and fiestas, and oh! the dreaded hangovers… They helped me remember my locker combination and held me when I cried. They will stand next to me at my wedding, help me raise a child, and look the other way when I fart in the nursing home.

You know who you are, and you know what you mean to me. I’m counting on you fix me when I break, catch me when I fall, and change the world like I know you’re going to do.


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5 responses to “In praise of my everything

  1. ian


    I just wanted to tell you I really liked this post.


  2. b

    very nicely articulated

  3. Chach

    I woke up this morning feeling a bit like I was alone. I had one of those nights when no one would answer their phones and I spent the night with Friends DVD’s. But reading this today reminded me that alone time is important (even when you don’t want it) and that it is a new day. I have to rememeber all the great memeories and the bad ones too. Hope you have a good weekend and I will talk to you soon.

  4. Forced Press Conference Attendee

    So I was abandoned today by my roommate as she has adventures in Europe for 6 weeks. This happened at a time where (as always) I was having problems with boys, confidence, just life in general and when I got home I was feeling very alone in our apartment, which until this point had never felt very huge. Then I read your blog, and Peaks, it made me feel a hundred times better! It felt like you were there sitting with me in your backyard at 2 am discussing the big, the small, the in between, the important and not. I just wanted to say thanks for always having a way of making me feel better even when you don’t realize you’re doing it….

  5. jessyebessye

    Wow your an amazing writer. I bet that one day you will become famous. I like to come to your page and read these cool storys that you have.

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