Sunset in summer

Sunset in summer
Originally uploaded by hilaryldavis.

I have recently joined Flickr, so this is a trial run! I would ultimately love to have a photo every day, since I did start my blog as a place for photography as well as writing.

Not all of my photography is up yet, and the photos that I really like (ie, the ones I actually think are somewhat good) were all taken in black and white, with high-speed film on a 35 mm Nikon, so it will probably take me awhile to scan and post them anywhere. And anyway, a majority of these are just snapshots of my family and friends.

So, to conclude, I am a much better writer than photographer, but I hope to get better! Feel free to browse through these, and welcome to the visual side of my life, I guess…


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  1. With Love, Fat Girl

    You and me both, but then photography is one expensive hobby.

    One way to cut down, if you’re into classic photo as opposed to digital, is to invest in a negative scanner. I love mine, or at least until I get a darkroom.

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