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Mac attack

Most decisions you make in life are small. Should I eat at Noodles & Co. or Red Robin? Should I go to the gym now, or after Law and Order? Should I buy the cute new underwear or not?

Some decisions are huge. Where should I go to college? Should I break up with him or not? Should I show him my cute new underwear? If I do, where might this lead?

Some decisions you make are life decisions. Those who have transferred colleges, been divorced or fired might be able to tell us a thing or two about life decisions, good and bad.

Myself, I’ve made some good ones (Noodles is always a safe bet, and Law and Order reruns are always on). I’ve also made some bad ones (eventually, you will run out of space for all the cute underwear) and even though I’m only 21, I’ve had to make a few life decisions as well (CSU was a really great idea, but upon going back to CSU, keep underwear hidden!) But sometimes, no matter how good your intentions are, a great idea can turn into a very poor life decision. Case in point: buying any computer other than a Mac.

I have always been a Mac user. But for the first three years of college, I have done everything on my Dell Inspirion 1100 laptop. I never wanted a Dell to begin with, and I was sort of tricked by a snobby PC-using, although well-intentioned, relative. He truly believed that I would prefer a PC, once I had been shown the light. I truly knew he was wrong, but in the confusion of going off to college, I thought it didn’t matter what I had, so long as I had internet access. This ambivilance is what I now recognize as a BAD life decision. For a long time, I would have a Mac attack and try to click and drag, but to no avail. I thought shutting down would rid me of my problems, but sadly, no. I was like a starving person who had chosen fast food over filet mignon. My desperate desire for a Mac eventually turned to tired resignation, the realization that I did not own a Mac weighed heavy on my cheating, PC-using shoulders. And, also like fast food, I had a lot of indegestion – Dell induced, thank you very much.

Expectedly, over the past year my Dell has, essentially, crapped out. It shuts off spontaneously after about 10 minutes. It’s slow, finicky, and nobody can quite pinpoint the problem. I was told it needs a rebuild. I think that a quality product should last more than just a few years. Which is why I’ll never buy Dell again, no matter how good an idea anybody believes it to be.

The road to hell is paved with good intentions, and I can now testify that the road to computer hell is lined with broken Dells. After doing the math, I realized it would be better in the long run to just bite the bullet and buy the Mac I always knew I wanted (and should have bought three years ago).

And now, I sit typing this on my new, shiny white MacBook Pro. I am in debt up to my eyeballs, and I only have $100 in my checking account, but it’s all worth it. Because the next time I get a Mac attack, I won’t choose fast food. I’ll be having the filet mignon, with a side of click and drag.


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Breaking down leads to breaking up

Dear Dell,

I didn’t think it would come to this, at least, not so soon. The moment we met, I knew we were destined for something more, but I never felt the pulse of true love. It’s not your fault, I should have been honest with you. I just kept hoping that if I took care of you, kept you updated and dressed you well, our relationship wouldn’t have to end this way.

I’m sorry to have to do this, but I think it’s time we spent some time apart. Me apart from you, and you… well, a part of you will be here, a part of you will end up over there. Try not to think about it too hard.

It’s just that our relationship isn’t fulfilling anymore. You’re slow, you don’t pay attention to me, and completely shutting down while I’m still talking to you is just plain rude. And I shouldn’t have to deal with this anymore. I am a successful, intelligent person – I demand more!

I have to tell you one final thing, I hope you won’t hate me for it later, but I need to come clean if I can ever move on from the scarring experience that has been our relationship these past three years: I’ve been seeing someone else.

It was nothing at first. We would meet in the library, only for a few minutes between classes. At first, it was just something fun, it didn’t mean anything to me. But then, the more time we spent together, the more consumed I became. And after spending the entire summer together, I don’t think we can pretend anymore, which is why I am officially breaking up with you.

I know you were always jealous of him. He’s a peer, a friend, a coworker, and it killed you that he was always excelled beyond your wildest dreams. But you can just keep dreaming, because tonight, and every night after, my dreams will be of only one man:



The Mac is back. Coming to a blogger near you. Fall 2006.

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