Thoroughly Disgusted

There are the people who wank off on airplanes. There are the people who touch everything they can get their hands on. There are people who pick their noses while on the bus in the morning. There are people whose mothers never taught them what proper behavior is while in the public eye, and these people? The ones I just mentioned? These people are those people, with those mothers, who are now either mortified that their son or daughter was noticed and pointed out as being one of those gross people. Or, they are those mothers, who are also picking their noses in public. It’s hard to tell.

But I am here to tell you, Internet, that I have witnessed the weirdest and most disgusting personal habit ever. In public. And I am so disgusted that I feel compelled to share this with someone, anyone – even if I also feel compelled to vomit while I type this.

I just sat through an hour long class, and the guy in front of me was clicking his ballpoint pen. Click. Click-click. Click. Click-click. Over, and over, and over. Naturally, being as high-strung as I am, I went from zero to annoyed after the second click. I shifted around to see what was with all the clicking when I saw him using the tip of his ballpoint pen to scratch the top of his head, then click it open to clean it off (apparently he has some sort of head debris?) and then do it again…and again. For the entire hour.

I am speechless with disgust.

If this is something he learned from his mother, somebody better be calling Social Services pronto.

What’s the weirdest thing you’ve ever seen anyone do in public?


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3 responses to “Thoroughly Disgusted

  1. Jess

    Hils. That story is WAY disturbing. I want to vomit just reading it. GROSS!

  2. lovely_amazing

    Isn’t it sick?

  3. With Love, Fat Girl

    I was walking my dog in a parkette a couple of years ago, when a homeless woman leaned up against the fence, and dropped her pants.

    She proceeded to pee, then drop a load, and then whip out a needle and start shooting up while her pants were still down.

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