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Overheard at work today

“We were driving behind someone today when they stopped in the middle of the road, just stopped!”

“Why did they stop?”

“I don’t know, but we honked, and when they didn’t move, we went around them, and then..they fingered us!”


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The Quick and Dirty

.Back at work again. Love: the discount, working with fabulous friends, having something to do. Do not love: 8 hour days in 5 inch stiletto heels. My bad.

.The Embargo is being fiercely enforced. I was asked on a date by a med student at the Mercury Cafe Friday night and I said “No thank you, good sir!” I proceeded to explain to him about the Embargo and how NAFTA might even be involved, that’s how serious it was, and how…- then he walked away. I’m pretty sure telling guys about the Embargo ensures its effictiveness in and of itself.

.Going to Vail on Wednesday for Thanksgiving – hooray! I will either kill my family or greatly enjoy spending time with them. Jury is still out on that on. I’ll let you know.

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Halting all relations with the foreigners

I am instituting an embargo. I’m minoring in Political Science, I do that.The commodity?Boys.Or, I should say, men. Although I’ve dated 25 year olds, I’ve dated 19 year olds (although not particuarly recently), so I guess I’m embargoing anyone that identifies as “not a female.” Let’s not get caught up on semantics here. The important point is that I am instituting a mandatory embargo on datable males for the next several months, if not longer.It’s because I don’t deserve them. Don’t worry – I’m not one of those “poor me” girls who doesn’t think she deserves to have a healthy relationship. In fact, the opposite. I very much believe that I deserve a great, fulfilling relationship. It’s just that, in all my casual dating, I seem to have forgone the healthy/great/fulfilling part in favor of the relationship part. And it’s not fair to these guys that I have been dating. My tolerance for the opposite sex extends to the end of one date, making-out optional (but usually encouraged, just to be sure) and then? I’m over them.I really think that commitment is great, and it could be very liberating – if I found the right person. Which I have not. And I am tired of looking. It might be the fact that the men in my life have become more disposable than my conscious would like, or it might be the fact that I have high standards (I am what some people call picky) or the fact that I can’t even keep my own shit together, let alone worry about someone else right now.I’m not sure if I have some commitment issue that has newly taken root in my psyche since my last long-term relationship or if I just have the attention span of a mosquito when it comes to dating lately. I’m not entirely sure what my problem is, so if you have any hypotheses, do share them.In the meantime, the Embargo will be an ongoing experiment in my ability to say No.It’s like in “Grey’s Anatomy” when Meredith decides to be celibate. Instead, she knits. I couldn’t knit a sweater if a naked, freezing child came to my doorstep with yarn, nor can I really do anything domestic in place of dating.But I sure do like to use power tools, so if a table and chairs appears on your doorstep, just know that the Embargo is going well.I’ll keep you posted.

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I love deadlines, I love the whooshing sound they make as they fly by

Here are a few things that have happened since I’ve last posted:

. The Democrats took control of the House and the Senate.
(Yippee! I am looking forward to Nancy Pelosi making Bush’s last two years…interesting…)

. The congressional candidate I was working for lost the election.
(So unfortunate, because the woman who beat her is a pirate hooker.)

. The election is now over, so I can have my life back.
(Hello, life! What is up? It’s been so long since last we met!)

. In what proves to be a most stupid decision, I’ve been all-too-frequently making out with boys after indulging in adult beverages.
(Hello, boys! Oh, wait, nope – I don’t actually like you after all. Now I must phase you out…)

. I have decided to throw a most fantastic Christmas party and I can’t wait.
(Goodbye, PC, non-denominational “Holiday Party” nonsense!)

. This blog experienced its one-year anniversary.
(Happy Birthday, Awritinglife! May your next year be filled with ever better writing. Or some writing at all, since that seems to be the main problem lately…)

. I have experienced the joy of painting my fingernails black in a show of rebellion that is rearing its moody, teenaged head eight years too late.
(Hello, age 13, how nice to see you. It seems that your hair is looking much better these days, also.)

. I have decided that I am going to embark upon a new project, to be detailed in a later post.
(And by “later post” I mean a post that I am going to type right now, immediately following this post, so that A. I don’t forget to type it, and B. I mostly want it to be a separate post so that this new project post is not cluttered up by this extremely cluttery and random post. Anal retentive, party of one? Hey, my table is ready!)

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