Today, Steve Jobs, CEO of Apple, is holding a keynote address called MacWorld to unveil the company’s new products for 2007. While nothing new has been posted on the Apple Web site, (visit the link on the right-hand side of my blog) has minute-to-minute updates and photos from the MacWorld keynote.

Thus far, Apple has revealed a new MacPro Cube, which runs silently due to its lack of fans. Also, a new wide-screen iPod, iTV (a way to view the movies you have downloaded onto your iPod through your television) and, most excitingly and importantly:

Blends a palm pilot, a cell phone and an iPod into one beautiful product. No buttons (cluttering) and no stylus (easy to lose) the iPhone uses multitouch technology so all a user needs is her/his fingers. So far, Cingulair is the exclusive carrier for the new phone. Whether they were the only company to sign on or whether Apple wanted only one company, nobody knows yet.

Price estimate? $500.00

MacWorld is the largest convention Apple holds each year. For MacHeads, it’s like Christmas, with a tall, white, glasses-wearing computer geek Steve Jobs as Santa. Really, a more appropriate name would be GeekWorld.

Although at my house, we’re glued to our TV, scanning the web on our G5 and our laptops, a MacBook and a MacBook Pro, sending text messages and blogging about MacWorld like it was our job.



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