So Precious

I do a lot of things for my job. I read things, I edit things, I copy things, I write things down. Heck, on a busy day, I go to meetings and nod my head and pretend to listen while other people talk about things I don’t understand.

It’s pretty great.

But another part of my job is to look things up in this one thing. And by things, I mean people. And by thing, I mean a gigantic database that holds names of patients who we market to.

So while I was looking people up the other day, I began to realize that there are some very creative parents out there. And just in case I was thinking of having children anytime soon, I’m really glad I came across some of these names first:

Stealth Mendoza
Precious Jones
Galexia Jones (sisters?)
Angel Chinchilla (one of my all-time faves – don’t pinch the chinch!)
Cinnamon Jacobs
Latrina Brown (think about it…think about it…yes!)
Sam Safari
Shafequh Mitchell
Mercedes Moon
Chi Le (who, ironically, was not from there)
Long Train (as opposed to a short one?)
Muy Deep (as opposed to muy shallow, naturally)
Rambo N’go (which makes sense, because nobody would rambo n’stop…)
BUT my personal favorite I’ve saved for last….

Jiner Flores.

Sadly, I cannot name my children any of these names.

After all – they’ve already been taken.



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2 responses to “So Precious

  1. (found you on the NaBloPoMo Randomiser)

    I loved your post! My girlfriend used to teach public school in NYC and she had a kid in her class (I’m not kidding) named Purple Rain Jones…

  2. hilaryldavis

    Wow. Perhaps the parents were Prince fans?

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