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Goodnight in Tanzania

“Hey, know what?  I’m really glad you’re here.”

“Me too!  Hey, what is that noise?”

“F-ing monkeys…it’s always the monkeys…”


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Out of Africa…

…and back in the US!  It is definitely good to be home.

I have slacked.  Oh how I have slacked during this, the hallowed month of NaBloPoMo.  I have definitely lost NaBloPoMo.  But I think I have a good reasons.  Here are my reasons:

1. I was in Eastern Africa.

2. There are awesome things to do there.

3. These things are more awesome than blogging, I’m sorry to inform you.

4. Also,  sometimes the Internet is closed in Africa.

5. I’m not kidding about that.

I have, however, been journaling a ton.  I don’t want to forget a single hilarious, heartbreaking, life-changing moment of this trip.  Or any sweaty moments.  There were lots of those, too.  So I will be posting journal excerpts, memories, stories and pictures from my trip starting tonight.  Because in America, the Internet is always open. 

Just one more reason why it’s good to be home.

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He totally gets me

“I have a four hour layover in Amsterdam, so my plan is to buy some chocolate and a trashy magazine and wait for my plane.”

“You’re in luck because that’s all there is in Amsterdam!  Well, chocolate, liquor and prostitutes.”

“Those are my three favorite things!  Why didn’t you tell me this before?  Why don’t I live in Amsterdam?”

“I don’t know, but you should definitely, definitely move there.”

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Intelligence for your life, every day

I can sense when he’s around.  Afoot, if you will.  Except, I don’t really know that “afoot” is the right word.  “Afoot” is what mice are, what Nancy Drew is when she’s got a hunch, whatever was rotten in the state of Denmark.  Those peeps can be afoot.

Can a 6′ 5″ 300 lb. man be afoot?  Because this man is so ginormous, the floor shakes when he walks past my office.

That’s how I know he’s afoot. 

Or, shall we say, athunder?

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And elehpants from Zanzibar…

I’m going here in five days.Suddenly, I’m much less nervous, and much more excited.

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Overdose: November 2007

Okay people, here in the grammar slammer, we’re starting a monthly entry called Overdose (see what NaBloPoMo will do to you?) It will feature things I’m OD’ing on RIGHT NOW.  So original, yes?  There has been one previous edition of Overdose.  Only in that case (and perhaps this one as well) it would have been more appropriately titled “I have nothing exciting to report here.”


The Weepies.  Their music will truly make you weepie.  With happiness.  Because it’s so, so simple and beautiful and uplifting and heartbreaking all at once.  Which is very impressive for one album to do, if you ask me.  Also, yes I do know how to spell weepy.  Y u gotta reign on mai parayde?

Duncan.  His photos are simple and beautiful and uplifting and sometimes heartbreaking, too.  I love this kid – he’s so fantastic and I’m glad we’re friends.  I can only hope the pictures I take in Tanzania will be half as good as the art he can make out of a photo of a Starbucks cup.  Seriously.  Also, I hope they have Starbucks in Tanzania.  That would be sweet.

Just kidding.

The Dish Bistro in Denver.  LP took me here for my birthday, because she is such a great LP.  The waiters are flustery in just the right way, they play Beatles music, which is an unexpected (yet not at all unwelcome) addition to the moody lighting, and the Argentinian red wine, in addition to the incredible cheese platter, will illicit wildly romantic and ridiculous talk of trips to Paris for your quarter life crisis birthday.  Unless you’ve already passed that, in which case you are free to go to Paris any time you choose.

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Here we go!

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