I bet Nancy can make Easy Mac

SO, it was my birthday last week.  I was in DisneyWorld, which was a pretty spectacular way to spend a day that is all about me anyway.  So my best friend has organized a birthday surprise tonight.  My best friend, LP, has instructed me to meet her in a parking garage downtown in cocktail attire at 7:00 p.m. for adventures 1-5.  She even has back-up adventures, in case some don’t work out.  My best friend is very organized in her sneakery.  Like, if Martha Stewart were to tell people to meet her in sketch places downtown and then proceed to have the girliest night out ever, that would be LP.  LP has made previous appearances on this blog, like right here, and here again.  How I love her so. 

I’ve never had a surprise birthday anything before EVER, so I’m thinking this evening will be awesome.  Unless, of course, we get mugged in the parking garage and they steal our purses and tiaras and unicorns, which will be significantly less awesome, naturally.

Every year as I get closer to birthday time, I am greeted daily with the dreaded “I’m getting older by the moment” panic-fest during which my own mortality comes crashing down and I’m reminded of all the things I thought I would have or have done by now:

1. Become Nancy Drew.  Not be like her, become her.  I’m still waiting for that convertible!  And a hottie named Ned and a housekeeper who’s more like a mother to me.  As of now, I have a mother who is nothing like a housekeeper on account of how she’s always reminding me I AM NOT THE HOUSEKEEPER HERE! and no hottie named Ned, although I did make-out with a kid named Geoff in the streets of Octoberfest a few weeks ago, does that count?

2. Wear pantyhose every day to work.  It is a miracle I put on pants every day to go to work, so this is something I have gladly crossed off my life to-do list.

3. Have been on an African safari.  I can cross that bad boy off the list in nine days (again, panic ensuing here, but as this is NabloPoMo, we have nothing but time, my friends, and we will get to travel panic another day…)

4. Own a jet of some sort.  I had an overactive imagination as a child, can you tell?

5. Be married.  Again, as a child, I thought 23 was SO old.  Now, I realize that most 23 year olds are barely capabable of making Easy Mac and watching Grey’s Anatomy simultaneously (ahem) so there will be no marriage any time soon here in the grammar slammer.  And if there is, Easy Mac will certainly not be on the reception menu, because dude?  IT IS SO MUCH HARDER TO MAKE THAN THEY LET ON.

Are you an adult now?  What did you hope to accomplish?  Have you done it yet?  Why or Why not?


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