How you know: shoes

“Hey you guys, check out my new shoes!” Woman minces about the office while female coworkers ooh and ahh.“I’m SO not telling my husband how much they cost!”Female coworkers emphatically agree, profusely nodding and mmm-hmmming.“And really, these were my only viable option.  I tried the $50 pair, then the $75 pair, the $100 pair, but none of them fit right, I didn’t like how they looked, and they just weren’t comfortable.”I sit in my office across the way, profusely nodding and mmm-hmming.  After all, you can’t wear an ill-fitting, ridiculous looking, uncomfortable pair of heels to work every day.“So I bought the $300 pair and now I’m happy and so are my feet, which is the whole point.”As the coworker minces my way, I look down at her $300 pair of shoes.  They aren’t Manolos, but Merrils.  Re: really awesome hiking boots.And when a woman not only pays $300 for a pair of hiking boots, but also shows them off at the office, AND the rest of the women are jealous of said hiking boots?That’s how you know you live in Colorado.


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