Rock + Hard Place = Tanzanian blog posts

So, you’ve noticed.  You’ve noticed that I haven’t really written a lot about my time in Tanzania.  You’ve noticed, you’ve mentioned, and okay I get it already!

Just kidding.

 But I think I’m experiencing what many other travels have experienced before me, which is namely, the struggle to explain what I saw/felt/heard/experienced while in Eastern Africa.  And what is even more difficult to define is how I feel now, and the way I see/fee/hear and experience life in my own country, having visited another culture that is so vastly different.  What have I taken away?  And how can I convey that to others?  It’s certainly not impossible, but I find that I can’t talk about Dar without mentioning daladalas or bajajis, then I have to define them.  Or I have to explain what mix is (though I don’t exactly know), explain just how fully awesome Fanta tastes on a hot day (even though you’ll never really know unless you go), and what it’s like to make the choice between extreme sweating or 28 mosquito bites in the night (rock + hard place = that night in Dar es Salaam). 

And all of this, not to mention the countless funny stories that come from these tiny tidbits, are no easier in the telling than in the writing.  I am different for having been there, but how? How have I changed?

When I figure it out, I’ll let you know.


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