Not the Martha Stewart way

“Cousin Hilary, is it time for sprinkles now?”

“No, first we have to bake the cookies.”

Baking of the cookies ensues.

“Now sprinkles???”

“Now we take them out of the oven.”

Removing of the cookies ensues.

“Sprinkles now?!?”

“No, now we make the frosting!”

The making of the frosting ensues.

“Sprinkles, sprinkles, now please now…?”

“Now we dye the frosting.”

Dyeing of the frosting ensues (messily, I might add.)


“Now we frost the cookies…”

Frosting of ONE cookie ensues.

Angry glare from 3-year old cousin

“NOW we use the sprinkles!  Aren’t you excited?”

3-year old does not sprinkle cookies, but rather shove handfuls of sprinkles in her mouth and lick them off the counter instead.

“You don’t even care about these cookies!  You just want to eat the sprinkles don’t you!”



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