When smack talkery gets you nowhere

So, the greatest thing in the world ALMOST just happened: The electricity went out. 

Much freaking out ensued because, again, my life is a movie and people were wandering around aimlessly, looking scared without the blueish glow of their computer screens to light their way. What do we do?  What do we do?!?!?!? 

The electricity stayed out while there was talk of calling Public Service and how they were claiming it would take four hours to fix.  

The electricity continued to be out while my team hemmed and hawed, trying and failing to connect to the network on their laptops. 

There were whispers about working from home – a phenomenon so rare it’s like an extinct species. The excitement began to build. 

The electricity was obviously still out when we got the announcement that, due to the uncertain electrical circumstance, the building was closing and we were all to vacate immediately.  My team frantically tried to discuss work things, because they are silly, while I gleefully packed my bags, visions of the caucus (and being ON TIME to caucus in Fort Collins) danced in my head. 

The electricity was off, the hall was dark as I made my way toward the door. 

And then, because the McKesson gods know how much I smack talk about this place… 

The lights came back on. 

And here I am. 

Oh damn. 

My coworkers are happy.  Happy little coworkers, safe again in flourescent cube land.  It feels Orwellian, 1984-esque.   

I long to escape!!!  


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