Ode to the DMV (again)

So, it occurred to me today that I am a grown-up.  I kind-of had to be pushed into it, kicking and screaming, by the wheel of time or the circle of life or whatever, but I’m here.

And, turns out, stuff sucks when you are an adult with a capital A.* 

*As an aside, I feel like 92% of what I write on this blog fits into that basic category:1. Being a grown-up and why it’s hard/annoying/sucks balls/fill in the blank.  And also that I am continually surprised by said things. It’s like I’m shocked and amazed every day that I don’t wake up five.  When does that stop?

Followed closely, of course, by category #2:2. Stuff I’ve bought or eaten, courtesy of my grown-up money.  Never gets old to me, Internet!

Anyway, in continuing with both of these categories, I had to visit the DMV today.  It has been previously noted that I may, in fact, hate the DMV with the passion of a thousand fires.  A thousand and one fires actually, to be specific.  I will throw another log on ye olde campfire for the DMV.  And today – I throw on two logs. Because not only were there obnoxious running children present (the usual MO for my DMV experience) but they also stole all my money.

$482 of it.

I’m still $19k a lot in debt for the damn car itself, but now I have to pay almost $500 bucks just for the privilege of driving it around?  I hate to drive, as LP can attest. Now I know why.

Perhaps the DMV peeps think I have a money tree?  That instead of the wheel of time, I was actually on the Wheel of Fortune? I have no idea.  It doesn’t matter, because I have to pay anyway.

And use what little I have left to buy a plane ticket back to Tanzania.  THOSE peeps know how to do public transport.

Also, that song about the circle of life just seems more apt over there.


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