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How you know: letting go

When a rogue eyebrow hair periodically makes physical contact with your eyelashes, it’s time to seek the hot handed help of a waxing profesh.

I don’t even want to talk about how I let myself get to this point, except to also say that I tropped into work yesterday wearing a shirt with sequins on it – an actual, sequined, club-appropriate shirt.  With sensible camel pants, naturally. 

It’s because I’ve reached the final stage in the clothing life cycle familiar to many post-collegiates:

All Normal Clothing Dirty, But Still Don’t Feel Like The Agony Of Laundry, So Will Instead Make Outfits Out Of Weird Shit Found On Closet Floor. 

Clearly, waxing is not the only thing I have let go. 


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Life Portfolio Reel

I’ve been thinking a lot about death lately, inspired by several other people who are chiming in on the same subject. And by “lately”, I mean a lot more in the last few years than I ever have before, although I’m not really sure why.  Not really in a morbid way, but just in an ever increasing holy-crap-I’m-dying-by-the-day! sort of way.


Maybe it’s the fact that my friends are starting to get married, there has been a lot of talk about babies lately (although not serious talk), days are speeding up, lives are taking shape.  We’re becoming real people, my friends and I, and the experience thus far has been quite frustrating, usually interesting, often boring, disappointing in its letdowns, and incredibly exciting in its opportunities.

While death seems to be a daily theme for me right now, I try to use that thought process to spur more interesting conversation within myself about the kind of life I’ve had thus far, and want to continue to live.

Unless I get run over by a semi tomorrow.  In which case, it’ll be a good thing I’ve thought this through.

And so – a list. Of all the moments (thus far) I want to flash before my eyes before I go.  Subject to change upon the happening of life milestones big and small, and upon the embarking of more awesome adventures to everywhere.

  1. Trying to cross between two paddle boats, having one foot on each, doing the splits, and landing in the middle of a lake, cartoon style.  Age 12.
  2. Playing Daddy Monster with all the kids in the neighborhood on cool summer nights, and being scared shitless every single time. Age 7.
  3. The magic feeling that rose up through my feet the first time I walked barefoot on the soil of a foreign country. Age 16.
  4. Leading the 4th of July block parade with a glittery sign I had spent two days making all by myself. Age 8.
  5. Dressing my younger brother up as a girl, earrings and all, and introducing him to the UPS man as my visiting cousin. Age 6.
  6. Carefully choosing my largest, shiniest hair bow to wear to the hospital the day my cousin Connor was born. Age 10.
  7. Driving my shiny red Mustang, unaccompanied for the first time, both exhilarated and terrified.  Age 17.
  8. Chasing my grandmother down the mall in DC, working hard to catch up to her because she is that fast. Age 14.
  9. Experiencing Kappa Delta initiation for the first time. Age 19.
  10. Making carpet angels with Dana in the living room of our very first apartment. Age 22.
  11. Having flowers sent to me from a boyfriend for the very first time. Age 20.
  12. Drinking rum and Fanta and dancing on the beach of the Indian Ocean at midnight.  Age 23.
  13. The smell of baking noodles in a Tuscan pasteria. Age 18.
  14. Making a tent in the basement during tornado season, and making it large enough for my dog, my dad, and my hamster. Age 5.
  15. Drinking margaritas dressed as Holly Golightly on my birthday. Age 21.
  16. Seeing my name on the top of a cast list. Age 17.
  17. Holding puppy Lucy in my lap the whole way home. Age 18.
  18. Skinny dipping with 10 other people at a lake in the middle of Wyoming. Age 20.
  19. Smoking a Cuban cigar in a hot pink lawn chair on the sorority house roof. Age 22.
  20. Seeing my name in print for the first time.  Age 15.
  21. Staring at The David, thinking inappropriate things.  Age 18.
  22. Putting in lots of quality time at the paddling pool with Mal, Mitchell and Grant. Age 9.
  23. Stripping down to nothing and dancing in the overflowing gutters during a rainstorm. Age 6.
  24. Eating my first samosa, not knowing what was in it, and not caring because it was that good. Age 23.
  25. Hearing the uncontrollable laughter of my peers at the debut of my first film. Age 22.

Emerging themes: travel, firsts, family, water, any moments that required an extra dose of adventure, bravery or independence.


What moments would you want to see on your life portfolio reel?




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Cocoon. He lives in one.

“I wonder where those bugs come from.”

“What bugs, Dad?”

“The ones that eat my apples every spring.”

“Oh. Well, I’m in marketing, so I’m not really the expert on bugs.”

“I bet they hibernate.”

“I don’t think bugs hibernate.”

“You know, like in their cocoons or something.”

“A chrysalis isn’t like a sleeping bag.  I think it’s a one time deal for bugs.”

“But maybe they come out in the spring…and go back in the winter?”

“I don’t think so, Dad.”

“I thought you weren’t the expert on this!?!?”

“I’m not – I just paid attention during second grade!”

“Whatever.  I’m going to google this shit on the Internet.”

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Not recommended work reading.

So, in addition to maintaining my own blog (sort of) , I read other people’s Internet ramblings.  It’s the voyeur in me, wanting to know what other people are up to, what crazy sorts of things other people spend their time doing and writing and reading.  As a child I was convinced that if I had the right gear, the right nanny, and if someone would make me cake and milk every afternoon, I, too, could be Harriet The Spy.  Now I am just Hilary The Internet Stalker.


And I make my own damn cake, thank you very much.


So I was reading some blogs at work.  Did I mention this?  Small sidenote.  Doing what I’m totally not supposed to be doing on the company time.  And somebody took a beef (Can you take a beef?  Have a bone to pick?  Simply HAD a beef?  Where did they get this beef?  I’m not up on my meat metaphors…) with a spread of David Beckham in this month’s Vanity Fair. 


I happen to have this month’s VF on my bookshelf at home, just begging to be read, but haven’t gotten to it yet because I was incredibly busy this weekend doing what all single 23 year old girls about town do on the weekends: baking, sleeping until noon, and hanging out with my mom.  I’m thinking of taking up knitting. 


What?  YOU were the one sitting on my dentures? Thank you so much for telling me.


Anyway, voyeur that I am, I clicked on the David Beckham link to see what comes up and – speaking of beef – hey howdy hey it’s David Beckham in his underpants! Sporting a cranky look and what appears to be a tennis ball.


I’m not sure what I expected, but I sure didn’t expect my coworkers to be parading on by my office just as I clicked on that link, that’s for sure.



Aaannnddd it’s awkward now.




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