Celebrity Amalgamation Fun, Vol. 1

Guy across the hall from me is:


Donald Trump in the dome piece, but the wave of office dude’s hair falls perpendicular to the Donald’s.  Both are still completely ridiculous.


Ira Glass in the eyes.  Well, he’s mostly Ira in the glasses.  Large, black framed, much too large for his face.  And so, might I mention, are Ira’s Glasses.  My love affair with his voice is forever, but the rest of him…not so much.


Where’s Waldo? in the body.  This guy is skinny and you can never find him when you need him. Also, he tends to go to the carnival a lot.  It’s uncanny, really.


Bill Cosby in the sweater choice.  If this were truly a children’s book, instead of looking for Waldo, Bill Cosby as Heathcliff Huxtable would be in a mad dash to find his clothing, because this dude has it ALL.


Can you play this game with anyone you know?




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