I’m wearing my excited pants right now – are you?

Exciting things are happening, Internet! 

Exciting Thing #1: I am helping my lovely friend Allison with some wedding planning – her wedding is in three weeks (yes, we know, but fear not.  Who’s not stressed?  She’s not stressed!  I’m a little stressed, but I’m not the bride, so that’s something we can deal with…I think…) and we came up with THE most fabulous idea ever involving centerpieces and favors for the reception.  If you are not attending the impending nuptials of Allison and Bern, hoo boy are you missing out.

These centerpiece situations are quirky, unique, completely custom, and eco- and human-friendly to boot, which is perfect for their wedding.  I’ll be posting pictures post-wedding, if anyone cares.

Exciting Thing #2: I am pondering two rather drastic life changes – a move to either San Francisco, or Washington, DC – in the form of potential job opportunities.  This may be a little preemptive, because I have no idea if anything will come of applying, but I have some inside peeps involved for both potential opportunities, so I think that may help.  More later, when I can firmly say that’s something is actually happening, but I could not even focus on my sleeping last night, that’s how excited I am about the idea of making a big change.  Terrifed, but excited.  And when I start to get too terrified about leaving the CO, I think about spending another year in A-Town, living with my current “roommates”, still working at my current place of employment.  And that is more terrifying than anything else.  Fear is a powerful motivator people.

Exciting Thing #3: My “roommates” went to Hawaii this week (I think it’s getting serious between them!) so I have the house all to myself.  Naturally, I have been jumping on my bed and running around without pants on, but I’m starting to get tired of that.  SO, in lieu of going Diablo Cody on everybody and just taking it all off, I have decided to stay clothed and have a little fiesta instead.  Does Friday work for everyone?  Friday, around Happy Hour O’Clock?  Great.  I know that you’ll be there with bells – and pants – on.  Because if I have to wear them, so do you.


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One response to “I’m wearing my excited pants right now – are you?

  1. Jess

    Exciting news indeed. Have you found out anything yet?? Selfishly I really hope that you can move to Washington DC, that’s really very close to a certain friend of yours…. (ME!). And also I look forward to the beautiful wedding pictures.

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