While driving

I stopped singing along with Sara Bareilles for a brief moment (when I’m in a good mood I crank up Love Song and sing it LOUD – hope you’re never in the car with me when this happens) to look ahead of me and notice that all the cars on the road were stopped.

As I pulled up to the melee, I realized that there was quite the clusterfuck ensuing. 

And upon further inspection, I saw what everyone else saw:  a man, driving a tractor, attempting to change lanes, with a puppy in his lap, talking on his cell phone.

I should have been scared for my life.  Instead, I started cracking up.

Sometimes my reactions to potentially death-related situations are completely inappropriate.



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One response to “While driving

  1. Jess

    Were you driving in Atlanta? No? Hm… That happens here on a daily basis. Really it’s crazy. I miss you!

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