Just one more reason why my mom is awesome:

Me – “Bye Mom, I’m off to The Mister’s * house!”

Mom – “Um, do you expect this to be a late night?  Not a late night?  I just need to know when I should report you missing.  You know, to preserve my motherly street cred.” (Yes, she actually said “street cred.”  I taught her that, you know.)

Me – “Let’s be honest: it’s probably going to be a late night.  Or maybe an early morning night.  Who are we kidding here?”

Mom – “Like I said, I just need to know when to worry.  I trust you to make smart decisions.  As long as you don’t go all Bristol Palin on me, we’re good.”


Um, my mom is awesome and you all WISH you had a Mama Davis, but you don’t.  Thanks.



* Hey Internet – I know we’ve never discussed the presence of a Mister here on this blog.  Well, not really anyway.  But it turns out The Mister is starting to be a time consuming part of my very Hilary life, so I figured it was time to introduce the idea.  More official updates to follow. Don’t worry though – I still love you the most.


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