Twist and Shout…in pain

Me – “You know, we should really invest in some more board games, since playing board games is really the only thing that holds our attention enough that we forget that we’re not… you know.  Let’s face it – I’m way too young to have your babies.”

The Mister – “That’s a good idea.  We need to broaden our range of activities so that we do things other than… you know.  Scrabble’s not particularly sexy.  Maybe that will help us not to act like unsupervised 15 year olds?”

Me – “Actually I was thinking something more fun and less torturous than Scrabble.  Like Twister!”

The Mister – “Um, I don’t think that will help our situation.  Also, I hate Twister with the passion of a thousand fires.  It hurts my back.”

Me – “Well then maybe we should just borrow a game from the nursing home you’ll be moving into soon!  And seriously, how is that artificial hip?”


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