I am here for you…with my awesome haiku skillz…Keep reading, yes please!

So, as it turns out, LP is really good at haiku writing, too.  Real good.  Like, rice-eating, kimono-wearing, I Can’t Believe She’s Not Asian! good. 

LP, I know I’m pimping you out on the interweb – or geisha-ing you out, if we’re to be in keeping with our politically incorrect and completely insensitive, mixed-up Asia theme here – so let me know if you object, but I absolutely have to post our exchange from this morning.  It’s just that good.

Internet, what you need to know is this: LP is quasi-dating a man from afar, who is soon to be even a-farther when he moves to Vegas, then England.  She dreamt of him last night, and needs help interpreting what went down.  Even though what LP really needs is a blog.  Let’s all pressure her into it, shall we?

Here it is, LP’s dream about her quasi-dater and my analysis of it, ancient Japanese style.  Enjoy.

I had a bad dream

Now I am in a bad mood

A terrible start


I was with Mike Mark

He made out with someone else

We were at dinner


I just sat and watched

And I poked him on the leg

He kept making out


I finally left

And went to our hotel room

He followed me up


I tried to reason

And explain why that was bad

He thought it was fine


I was so confused

He was sorry, but not much

It never ended


I finally woke

No closure, disappointment

What does that dream mean?




I had one like this

He was dating another

And he told me so       


I was just so hurt

I woke with tears in my eyes

Thank God – just a dream!


My analysis:

You are falling for him – hard

Emotions are high


You fear he will leave

And your subconscious knows this

So it tries to warn


Your mind, it reasons

But your heart has passion, and

Dare I say…feelings?


You must weigh heart, mind

What makes sense in your life now?

You must do what’s right


Where will you end up?

With Mike Mark, so far away?

Or is your life here?


To gambling and sin!

To Burberry and brew pubs!

(Thank God – no ‘taters)


Only you can know

But I’m here for you always

Go Dunbar!  Snacks please?





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2 responses to “I am here for you…with my awesome haiku skillz…Keep reading, yes please!

  1. LP

    I’m glad that it’s so entertaining, but that dream was fo’ shizzle. I’m seriously disturbed by it. But it’s true, our haiku skillz are far above the rest. The fact that we can have entire conversations about important things in haiku format is pretty impressive. I guess I should explain to the boy that we call him Mike Mark now that he’s out on the interweb.

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