Weekend Recap: In which I turned 24

Also in which:

– My sweet boyfriend, The Mister, took me to the Symphony for some Mozart, Williams, and Brahams.  Very thoughtful, very sweet, very pretty. And then, said boyfriend took me to a late night dinner (which is my very favorite kind) at the Oxford Hotel.  Very retro, very ’30s, very us.  Thanks for the birthday surprise, my goodly sir!



– Chach and I had coffee, took pictures of dogs dressed for Halloween, sniffed everything at the spice shop, and saw (and loved!) a movie that is too embarrassing to admit to seeing, even here on the Internet.  Sorry Internet!

– My cousin Connor was confirmed on my birthday morning.  He confirmed his belief in the lovely core Lutheran tenets of peace, grace, and love.  And thusly, also, by proxy, he has confirmed his belief in the other important Lutheran tenets: Jell-O, Vacation Bible School, tic-tac-toe on the back of the “I Prayed Today!” slips, and really really really strong coffee.

– Our future president Barack gave a rousing speech at my beloved alma mater CSU, on my favorite place on campus – The Oval – on my actual birthday day.  

Happy Birthday to ME!  More on this later.

– I had a lovely birthday dinner with the fam, followed by my customary birthday cake: funfetti.  Never gets old.  Nor will I ever get too old for funfetti.  

It’s a mutually beneficial relationship we have, that sprinkle cake and I.



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2 responses to “Weekend Recap: In which I turned 24

  1. Jess

    1)Good job to the Mister!! Please tell him I said great job on your birthday!
    2)I am still very jealous that you got to see Barack on the Oval! Damn stupid Georgia and being so stupid and republican(‘t)
    3)I love funfetti as well. Love!
    Happy Birthday again dear Hils.

  2. Hanna

    Yay! I’m glad to hear you had such a splendid birthday!!!!!

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