Some people’s children

Barack Obama is our president elect.

That’s the best news I’ve heard all day.  All week.  All THE LAST EIGHT YEARS, ACTUALLY.

In other news, some people’s Republican boyfriends are not too pleased with this turn of events.

Some people’s Republican boyfriends are curmudgeons.

Some lovely, gracious, leftward leaning lady offered to cook dinner for said curmudgeons.  

Tofu, anyone?

Some certain, particular curmudgeons said they preferred moose.

As my college friend Desmond would always say (albeit, in a nasal Southern accent) some people’s chilren!

I think that’s Southern for “Quit being such a whiner!”

Don’t you think so?



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4 responses to “Some people’s children

  1. Duncan Ramsay

    ill have the moose too please!

  2. Duncan Ramsay

    with some Russian catsup on the side.

  3. Duncan Ramsay

    ok, who am I kidding…. nobody says catsup.

  4. Hanna

    Oh dear. He went there.

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