Wednesday’s Delight

Pure heaven is = the new J. Crew catalogue +  melty cheese tortilla + the relaxed feeling you get after yoga.

That was Tuesday’s delight.  And oh, it was pure delight.  J.Crew is my porn (second only to The Economist) and I love to sift through it and imagine how great life would be if only I owned absolutely every single thing.  All while eating a melty cheese tortilla.

First world activity, yes, I know.

Now imagine my feelings upon waking this morning when I realized that what to my wondering eyes should appear…sartorial inspiration was here!

So I flipped through the catalogue while wearing my squashy white robe and drinking my morning coffee out of the cup LP gave me for my birthday.  And instead of imagining that I owned absolutely everything, I used special brain magic (also known as the imagination) to envision my own wardrobe contents and new combinations thereof.

I was mostly inspired by this:



And so, today for work, I am inspired to dress in a similar manner.


What can I say?  Sometimes inspiration strikes.  Not unlike lightning.  Or bowling balls.


What do you think about Chuck Taylor’s and a suit?


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