What we’re doing today

Reminding me why is it, exactly, that I don’t look good with Taraji P. Henson’s hair?  Why shouldn’t I cut all my hair off?  Can anybody think of a good reason?

Because I can’t.

Other than the fact that I had that haircut once and it looked wretched on me.  But no matter!  I am stubborn!  I am determined!  I am…stupid? 


We’ll see.


PS – This is a little weird to bring up, but, uh, there are a lot of you guys out there all of a sudden.  I won’t say how many, but I just checked my blog stats for the day and it’s a lot more than normal.  Quadruple more than normal, actually. 

Where are you coming from?  How have you been?  How did you end up here?  And, additionally, welcome!  Buenos tardes!  Happy to have you!



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2 responses to “What we’re doing today

  1. Cat

    Everyone’s coming on over from the Morning News, from the link in your quote! (At least, that’s how I came over here, so I assume that’s where everyone else is coming from too.)

  2. Lauren Varner

    Hi! I found your blog via your facebook info page. Facebook stalking old friends and acquaintances wasn’t cutting it anymore so now I dig for blogs that I can read when I’m pretending to work. 😉 Love your blog, too!

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