Unsolved Mysteries

Well that explains it.

It seems I have been published on The Morning News, the bastion of west coast irreverency and hipster cool.

Which is what I try to be every day, despite living in a square state with no coast and working for a corporation, which is the opposite of hipster cool.  But I do own Chuck Taylors and am often told I look like Tina Fey, so that has to count for something right?

Actually, it doesn’t even matter.  Today I was published, in a little tiny way, on one of my favorite websites.  And today, that counts for everything.

PS – Muchas gracias to Cat for solving the mystery. I can now stop cycling through creepy scenarios in which the whole world flocks to my blog and then, somehow, I end up dead in a ditch.  Or something.  Cat, you’re swell.



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2 responses to “Unsolved Mysteries

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  2. Cat

    Thanks! I’ve always wanted to be published on The Morning News . . . maybe next time they put out a call for reader responses I’ll follow through and put something in. Your response to the question was great, too.

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