Counting Down

– REVISION!! 4/22/09 Editing to include the following very important information-

33 Days until Jessica comes!  And we run the Bolder Boulder!  And we get trampled by skinny hippies!  You laugh, but you’ve never seen me run.  It might happen.  Just remember that when I die, LP gets all my shoes.  I promised her years ago, and my impending potential death by 10K is not enough to  make me renig on very important life promises made to my very important life partner.

24 days until Duncan Weekend!  Like Vampire Weekend, but with fewer drums I think (although I can’t say for sure) and preferably the same amount of oxford commas, which is lots.  I do love the oxford comma.

19 days until Mother’s Day, in which I will do some nice things for my mother.  My mother, who is wonderful.  My mother, who birthed me out into the world all those years ago.  My mother, who has been having a rough go of it for the last few days.

10 days until May Day and I can make adorable baskets, fill them with flowers, and ring and run my neighbors.  It feels good to ring and run for a reason other than because you just TP’ed someone’s house.  Not that I ever did that circa the 8th grade no sireee.

1 day until Earth Day, which is important.  Remember when you were little and Earth Day involved a trip to the park, planting a tree, and then eating your Lunchable on the hot, hot grass?  And mostly being excited about the Lunchable because trees were nice, but your mom NEVER let you have Lunchables except on special occasions and field trips?  Yeah.  Me too. 


I might just bring a Lunchable to work tomorrow.



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2 responses to “Counting Down

  1. Jess

    You forgot this one. 33 days until Jessica is there! Yeay!

  2. Jess

    *I love you Hils!

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