The Reason Why…

…today is great.

1.  I woke up at 5:45 and went for an early morning run. 

Coldplay + the sun rising = bliss!


Granted, I did not run by the ocean.  But the last time I was up to watch the sun rise, it was in Mexico.  Thus, I gift you with a picture of the glowing Mexican sun.  You’re welcome!

2. Must do return mail today, but that means I can listen to a new This American Life podcast.  I had a voice crush on Ira Glass, like, forever, and when I found out what he looked like, I only got more excited.  Geeks are hot.

3. Going to lunch with my other young fun coworker, the other half of H2, so we can sit outside on a balcony somewhere and enjoy the sun!

4. Leaving early to get a pedicure with Katie and Kris.  Thank goodness.  My feet are actually scared of each other, things are so unattractive down yonder. TMI you say?  True.  But why else do you read this blog?

5.  E and I are having a good old fashioned slumber party!  And by good old fashioned I mean drinking wine, watching The West Wing, and talking about men.  That’s been my recipe for a good slumber party since 1993.  You?

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